The Standard Plan is the default repayment plan for all federal loans. Required monthly payments are level and the repayment term is typically 10 years (between 10 and 30 years for certain Consolidation Loans).


  • All federal loans qualify


Monthly Payment
Required Payment Minimum
Required Payment Cap
Maximum Repayment Period
Up to 10 Years for all loans except Consolidation Loans over $75,000

For Consolidation Loans, the repayment period is (for debt balance between):

12 Years ($7.5–$10K)

15 Years ($10–$20K)

20 Years ($20K–40K)

25 Years ($40K–60K)

30 Years ($60K+)

Loan Forgiveness
Interest Benefit
Interest Capitalization
Monthly payments always exceed interest under the Standard Plan. However, if the borrower is unable to make payments, any unaccrued interest will be capitalized when:
  • The loan enters repayment (e.g. grace period ends, deferment ends)
  • The loan defaults
  • The borrower changes the repayment plan
  • The borrower consolidates the loan
Switching Plans
You can switch to any other plan for which you are eligible.

Best For

  • Borrowers with low interest rates loans and who have high income relative to debt

Additional Notes

  • About 66% of loans in repayment are expected to be on the Standard Plan; however, many of these borrowers can reduce their interest by refinancing

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