Why are there multiple tabs?

Each loan is eligible for different repayment plans and terms, so we’ve organized your loans by type to show you what terms each group of loans would qualify for.

What is the “Consolidated” tab?

The consolidate tab shows you your repayment terms if you combined your loans into a Direct Consolidation Loan. This may give you access to additional loan forgiveness programs, repayment plans, and terms. To learn more about consolidation, we recommend reading Understanding Consolidation vs Refinancing.

What do you mean by “We’ve allocated XX of your budget towards these loans?”

Since different loans qualify for different plans and programs, we’ve adjusted the budget you’ve put in the “Inputs” section to reflect the proportion of loans in a particular tab. For example, if your budget was $600, you have $40,000 in total loans, and $20,000 in Direct Loans, your budget for the Direct Loans tab would be $300.

What does a highlighted row mean?

Highlighted rows help you quickly see if payments are within your budget. Please reference the key above.

How accurate are these numbers?

Student loan repayment estimates for certain plans and programs are extremely complicated and require many assumptions. Certain assumptions, like expected income increases, are left for you to input, and others, like inflation, are incorporated by us based on standard practices (e.g. using the Congressional Budget Office’s estimates for inflation). While we have diligently incorporated the stated rules of every repayment plan, figures shown on this page (and on any other student loan calculator) are just estimates.

Are these numbers the same as the government Repayment Estimator?

Estimates from our Repayment Calculator are broadly consistent with the government Repayment Estimator when using similar assumptions.

I need help with the Repayment Calculator. Who can I contact for assistance?

Chat with us by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page or email us at support@maxrewards.co.

Is this free? How do you make money?

Yes. The Repayment Calculator is completely free. We earn commissions when a borrower refinances their student loans with one of our partners. If refinancing seems like a good option for you based on your estimates, we strongly encourage you to check rates using the links below.

This tool is great. Refinancing is not a good option for me, but I want to support this site. How?

Thank you! Please support us by creating an account and sharing this calculator with your friends. You’ll be surprised by the number of people who could benefit from this tool.